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Just like the old westerns where cattle and horses were branded with a hot iron in the shape of initials or the ranch name - branding your business is the foundation of good marketing. Its the sign to the world "this is mine, whenever you see this you'll know this belongs to me." Creative Juice can help you figure out how to brand yourself.

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Branding your company is foundational to your marketing strategy. Too often we see clients who haven't set a brand for themselves - and so their fonts change on every printed piece, they have no corporate colors, a constantly changing tag line, and no continuity to their materials. Branding is the process in which we set up your corporate identity by defining very specifically who your target demographic is, and then building an identity to appeal to them. Your identity is made up of fonts, colors, a logo, a tag line, and a general appearance - that over time and with repetition in marketing - your clients will begin to associate with your company. If you've never worked on a branding strategy, or its time to re-brand yourself, or you're starting a new company - let us help with this critical piece of the marketing and advertising puzzle!!

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