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Advertising in the phone book costs an arm and a leg anymore, and statistically they have become obsolete in comparison to online searching. Newspapers are having a difficult time selling ads because readership is down, and marketing and advertising has shifted its focus to predominantly web based ads. Having a web presence is a MUST for any serious business.

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Time for an update? A fresh, professional web site design is the key to a good marketing strategy. Don't get caught using templates off the internet, or worse - the ones that came "stock" with your computer software! All of our designs - for web, for print, for promotional items, for logos... are original! Like a piece of artwork, no two are the same. No templates and we don't copy other people's work ... every design is fresh squeezed from our creativity.

Whether you need a brand new design, need an update or site lift to your current design - or just need to make a few changes on your site ... we can help. If you're just getting started, let us help you purchase a domain name, and put up a splash page.

One Time Fee: One thing we hear clients ask all the time is "what is the yearly fee on my website once you design it?". The answer is simple: there is no fee! Once the site is designed and paid for - the site belongs to you, and its yours to keep and do what you want with it. You don't pay any kind of annual fee to Creative Juice at all. Now, you will have to pay yearly hosting fees to your hosting provider, or annual subscriptions for content management, but there is no annual design fee. We'd love to maintain your website for you, adding new content and keeping it fresh - but that's entirely up to you - and is charged on a per-project basis.

How Long Does a New Site Take? In theory, we only need a few weeks to build a new web site - but we usually answer this question with "8-12" weeks. Alot of the timeline relies on the client providing us with the needed information for their site. There are so many pieces and parts to the final puzzle, its a collaborative effort between us and you. If you're in a rush, lets talk about a reasonable time-line and then we'll work together with you to accomplish the goal.

Search Engine Optimization: SEO is an imperative part of a good web site design, and more times than not, even "professional" web developers struggle to make sense of the ever changing SEO rules and requirements. The team at Creative Juice is committed to sound SEO practices and we stay updated on the newest algorithm changes with Google, Yahoo and Bing. Fresh SEO is a part of every new CJ web site design.

Hosting: Creative Juice does not have hosting capabilities - so we will be glad to help you get set up with an affordable hosting provider that meets your web site's specific needs. Hosting can cost anywhere from $6 per month and up, at a variety of providers each with their own unique benefits and offerings. Email addresses are generally part of a hosting package, as well as domain name purchases.

Content Management Solutions: With every website we design, we offer the ability for our clients to use our easy web editing online portal to make changes to their sites after launch. Created with beginners in mind, our web editing interface allows our clients to make changes in a word processing friendly environment, edit and upload photos and create new pages.

I know - I know -- your brother is "real good at computers", or your niece is in high school and she took a class on HTML. We hear it all the time. I know its tempting to not have to pay much if anything for a good web site... I get it. But you need to understand the value behind a well built, freshly designed, fully optimized and detail driven web presence. Its a harsh reality - but you get what you pay for. And as well meaning as your brother or niece are - when your website launches and it doesn't drive the business you're hoping, you'll wish you didn't have to start all over. Think about it, fine artwork is a series of colored paints, on a canvas stretched across a board. If I put paint all over the bottom of my Boston Terrier's paws and have her prance and dance all over a canvas - let it dry - then stretched it across a frame... its technically considered art. Even if I was willing to give it to you for free, would you hang it on your wall?

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