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You can't help but love Frank. He may tell it like it is - and sometimes it stings a little bit - but he's always got a good word of advice to push your business to just be a little bit better. Below is a list of common questions and comments we hear on a regular basis... answered by yours truly. If you dont see an answer you're looking for, be sure to contact us or start a LIVE chat with Frank!

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Q: I don't see pricing for anything on your site. How come?
A: Every project we do - no matter how small - no matter how big, we quote individually. We don't use any kind of templates for anything, and every project is unique - so we only quote a project after we've had enough time to talk to the client and really get a feel for what they are trying to accomplish. We know that it would seem to be more convenient for you if we had a master price list, you could look - see - decide and move on, but we treat every project individually. I know - that can be annoying when your decision of who to use is primarily cost driven... we're not trying to annoy you. But if our answer is still a bit frustrating and you just want hard dollars, think of it this way: We want to treat you special, and spend as much time with you as we can, and its a way for us be able to just enjoy your company. Does that help?

Q: This is a DIY world.... I don't see the value in paying for marketing. There are so many desktop publishing software options, I feel confident that I'm creative enough and computer savvy enough to tackle something "small" like a logo or flyer by myself.
A: Well, we don't want to beg you to see it our way... but you're right in some ways. There are DIY type programs where you can achieve some marketing material on your own. I liken it to this: I can remodel my bathroom myself. There are books and tools to help me get it done - from the tile flooring to the recessed lighting. More than likely (because I'm not a professional carpenter) it will take me longer than it would take a pro, it will be harder on me, and in the end may still cost as much money if I had opted to hire an expert. And when people come and see it, and I tell them all about my DIY adventure, they'll look around the bathroom with a slow nod, pat me on the back and say, "Huh! Well, not bad Frank! Not bad!" I'll know that they saw the tiles aren't flush with the baseboards, and the sink is a bit off center. But if the goal was to be able to say "I did it myself!" then I will have accomplished that - and hey, the toilet will still probably flush? Bottom line? You get what you pay for.

Q: I purchased my domain name with Go Daddy, and they offer a free web site building tool. Why shouldn't I use that?
A: Part of the reason we call ourselves Creative Juice - is because we have a team of developers and designers who are full of just that... creative juice. We're not using templates and Go Daddy programs to build anything. We're studying you, your brand, your company, your product - and then developing a web site that actually suits your business. For more reasons than that - see above!

Q: Everyone talks about SEO - but no one really seems to have a grasp of how to do it effectively. Do you?
A: We think we do. We have a proven track record with our clients of their sites moving up in search engine rankings after they launch with us. We are students of the changing processes and algorithmns of Google and Yahoo, and we educate our clients how to stay ahead of the competition. But you're right - there are a thousand ways to skin a cat... and there are a thousand ways to SEO a site. I'd make my decision based on performance, not a wordy sales pitch.

Check out the rest of the site. Depending on the page and topic, you'll find my two cents at the bottom of the page. If thats still not good enough and you're at your computer on a Friday, lets chat LIVE. Any question - you ask it, I'll do my best to answer it!

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