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If you're serious about your company - whether its big or small - you'll take your logo seriously. It is the "face" of your business... the thing that will help people remember who you are and what you do. Don't settle for using clip art, or microsoft word art, or a publisher doc for your logo. Invest in what will become the foundation of your brand and image.

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The Golden Arches. The Nike Swoosh. The Mac Apple. The Coca-Cola script. The list goes on and on of the famous logos and brands emblazoned in our minds. What makes a great logo?

Simplicity is usually a good place to start - but even the more intricate designs can be effective and stand out from the crowd. When we design a new logo, we take into account your target demographic, your preferred color palette, how the logo will be used, and how it can be implemented into your marketing plan. We provide the final approved logo in a variety of formats (jpeg, tiff, eps, ai, png, gif) to our clients for ease of use. Take a look at our portfolio below of some of our favorites.









If someone were to describe me, first thing they'd say is that I'm bald and wear glasses. Those parts of who I am sort of stick out like a sore thumb. I can't change the fact that I'm bald (although I've secretly tried a few times). But your business doesn't have to be bald with glasses? Why should your logo stick out like a sore thumb? Your logo is the face of your business. You can create an image from the ground up that people will remember you by, that accurately describes what your company is all about, and attracts your target demographic.

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