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Ok I know you don’t love it, but it’s not just for your kids anymore!  Social Media has become an integral part of a well planned marketing strategy.  Don’t make the mistake of thinking it can replace your entire marketing plan, but don't ignore its importance either. We offer services for account startup and maintenance of: LinkedIn, Facebook, Custom Blogs, Twitter and more. 

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Tweeting, texting, blogging, status updates, friend connections, posting, un-friending, blocking, liking, and commenting. Social media is a zoo... and its hard to see why its important to your business!

To be honest, part of why it's important - is because everyone is doing it. But more than that, everyone is looking to connect via social media, so if you're not available to connect with - your competitors are. Even if social media is not a method YOU prefer for client connection, it is a method your CUSTOMERS prefer. If you're willing to communicate with them in that way, it will create a relationship with them that they will grow. Let us help you make sense of it all, and simplify the process and your updates.


Facebook Pages are Not Web sites
Make no mistake, a facebook page is not a web site…however it is an important compliment to one!  Let Creative Juice create continuity throughout your social media, print work and web site for a well rounded marketing approach.  Out team of experts can teach you how to use these tools to gain exposure and discover new potential customers and industry needs.  You decide how much involvement you want…we can write daily or weekly updates and posts for you or we can setup your accounts and spend some time in training key employees and you can maintain the updates…we want to do what makes sense for you and your business. 

Social Media Strengthens Your SEO Standings
A well written blog that is updated frequently and implements basic keyword strategies can strengthen your search engine placement if its tied to your web site. Creative Juice can help set up a custom blog that is tied into your home page and updates your Twitter and Facebook pages automatically.

Look, the reality is, I don't care that you're going to the store to look for new shoes. And when you tweet to tell the world, or update your status to share it with everyone - I'm tempted to "hide" you from my wall. I haven't been thrilled with the social media movement - it seems like a silly way to stay connected with my friends. What ever happened to picking up the phone and saying hello? But.... As these avenues of online marketing have grown in popularity, their importance for small and large businesses alike has grown exponentially. Even if you don't like Facebook or Twitter -- you can still use them to your advantage.

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