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We see you ... Sitting there trying to drum up some new and fantastic marketing campaign, just tapping your pencil on the desk over and over -- the ideas just aren't coming. You want to get your name out there - but can't bear the thought of putting it on a cheap pen? You need to get some press, a new logo, new material. You wish you could turn your web site design from drab to fab, but you're just fresh out of Creative Juice?


Its not just about having a web site - its about having a good one. One that works, is user friendly, and can actually be found by the search engines. We know that everyone says they can build web sites, and we know every hosting company offers templates... find out more »
Your logo and brand are who you are. Your corporate colors, your fonts, your tag line - all make up your identity. But when they aren't consistent, you're sending mixed signals and become more forgettable. Let us help create your corporate identity... find out more »
Professional design makes your product stand out from the crowd. Don't make the mistake of using a Publisher or Word template as a substitute for creative design that is specific to you and your brand.... find out more »

We're a small business - in business to help other small businesses. How's that for a mouthful? More than just a tongue twister - that's the truth of who we are and what we do. We know its a jungle out there and it seems like there are only two options for your marketing and graphic design: do it yourself - or spend an arm and a leg with a huge firm where you're just a number. Not so! We're here to help in all things marketing and advertising - from logos and branding to web site design, printed materials to social media, event planning to music and jingles. Check out our case studies for real stories of success and testimony. Don't forget to look through our print portfolio, our latest logos and the coolest web sites around. We're ready to help you with out busting your bank account....


» New Web Site Launch - Behm Blueberry Farms West Olive, MI
07/11/11 from Creative Juice Blog
We're proud to announce our newest web site launch for Howard & Sharon Behm at Behm Blueberry Farms located in West Olive, Michigan. Their site is jam packed with information about their local blueberries and family recipes. The site...

» Facebook Ads Get More Impressions than Google Sponsored Ads
06/15/11 from Creative Juice Blog
We are often asked if sponsored ads (pay-per-click) campaigns are worth the money. That's more than just a yes or no question - but they do have their place. But recent statistics show that Facebook sponsored ads are already getting more...


Frank is our CCO (Chief Creative Officer) and resident marketing guru. And although his title is impressive, what's really great about Frank, is that he's just that -- he's frank. Meaning, its not just his name, its who he is -- he tells it like it is. He's not a sugar coater - he's not going to pat you on the head and tell you "good job!" when he thinks you could have done better. He's frank, he's blunt, he's to the point and he's the guy who will tell you the truth when no one else will. Ask Frank a question - and you'll get an honest answer -- no bones about it, no beating around the bush. But, with all that said, he's quite loveable, feisty and funny - so he's the right guy to fill the role of CCO. Think of him as your Marketing & Advertising "dear abby". Read what Frank has to say here... CHAT LIVE WITH FRANK ON FRIDAYS FROM 9-3!! Click Here to start chatting!

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